To catalyse the growth of Singapore-based companies in overseas markets by addressing market gaps in project and structured financing.

Core Values


Committing to innovative and competitive solutions


Treating business partners and colleagues with the utmost regard


Operating to the highest ethical standards with transparency


Driving sustainable value for our stakeholders


Delivering outstanding results with prudent risk management

Our Shareholder


Our funding strategy is aimed at optimising the cost of borrowing through diversified funding sources and markets. The funding sources are capital market funding including the Euro Medium Term Notes and Euro Commercial Paper issuances and bank borrowings.


All our funding is irrevocably and unconditionally guaranteed by the Government of Singapore, which is rated Aaa, AAA and AAA by Moody’s, S&P and Fitch respectively.

Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN)

Our US$2 billion EMTN programme is irrevocably and unconditionally guaranteed by the Government of Singapore, and is rated AAA by S&P.

For more information on the EMTN programme:

Offering Circular S&P EMTN Programme Rating

The bonds issued under the EMTN programme may be in public or private placement format. Since the establishment of the programme, the company has raised a total of US$1.79 billion with an aggregate outstanding principal amount of US$1.39 billion at financial year ended 31 December 2020.


List of issued bonds:

Series Number ISIN Code Issuance Date Maturity Date Currency Amount (US$)
1 XS0974363557 (*) 5-Nov-13 5-Nov-18 USD 300,000,000
2 XS1298404127 2-Oct-15 2-Oct-25 USD 50,000,000
3 XS1309419668 22-Oct-15 22-Oct-30 USD 50,000,000
4 XS1477135096 26-Aug-16 26-Aug-26 USD 50,000,000
5 XS1483966476 1-Sep-16 16-Aug-19 USD 100,000,000
6 XS1557988315 2-Feb-17 2-Feb-27 USD 50,000,000
7 XS1650420265 26-Jul-17 26-Jul-32 USD 50,000,000
8 XS1655853130 31-Jul-17 31-Jul-27 USD 50,000,000
9 XS1662685756 11-Aug-17 11-Aug-32 USD 50,000,000
10 XS1668470013 18-Aug-17 18-Aug-32 USD 40,000,000
11 XS1685577287 29-Sep-17 29-Sep-22 USD 100,000,000
12 XS1787595666 (*) 7-Mar-18 7-Mar-28 USD 300,000,000
13 XS1909387943 (*) 15-Nov-18 15-Nov-21 USD 300,000,000
14 XS2051060817 (*) 10-Sep-19 10-Sep-24 USD 300,000,000

(*) denotes public issues

Euro Commercial Paper (ECP)

Our US$700 million ECP programme is irrevocably and unconditionally guaranteed by the Government of Singapore and is rated P-1 by Moody’s and A-1+ by S&P. The ECP market provides us with access to competitive short-term funding and further complements our funding base.

For more information on the ECP programme, please see:

Information Memorandum Moody's ECP Programme Rating S&P ECP Programme Rating

Our current ECP programme dealers are Barclays, BRED Banque Populaire, Citibank, and UBS.