Projects that feature a Singapore-based Qualifying Company (“QC”) as an investor or an exporter are potentially eligible for funding from Clifford Capital. Below outlines our Qualifying Criteria.

1. Is Your Company A Qualifying Company?

A Qualifying Company is one that has substantial presence in Singapore, with at least 3 global or regional decision-making functions based in the country.

2. Is Your Project A Qualifying Project?

Projects that are eligible for Clifford Capital financing (i.e. Qualifying Projects) include:

  • Where a Qualifying Company has a minimum equity stake of 30% in a given project– in this case Clifford Capital can provide up to 100% of the total project debt requirement
  • Where a Qualifying Company has a contract to supply goods and/or services to a company or a project – in this case Clifford Capital can provide financing for up to 100% of the value of the contract

In each of the above cases, our financing amount may be further subject to any applicable constraints on our individual ticket size.

We will also consider projects that may not fully satisfy the conditions set out above on a case by case basis, taking into consideration the nexus to Singapore.

To find out if your company or project satisfies our criteria, please contact us at [email protected].